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Product Packaging


Illustrator, and Photoshop


Concept through Production

Packaging, Print Design
About This Project

Packaging – Concept to Mock up

This project was intended to enhance a given product and increase its perceived value. My concept was the creation of an easy and convenient individual bath soap packaged in a visually interesting, customized gift box. Encasing the soap inside a tea bag offered the strongest visual impact while reinforcing the theme of tea. In later stages, I expanded the notional product line to various fragrances of soap to complete the line.

In response to a packaging class assignment for a tech device, I imagined the use of a washing machine to highlight the water resistance of the product after finding my husband’s USB flash drive in the bottom of a load of laundry on its way to the dryer. The package attracts shopper’s attention, and the water-filled plastic bag behind the die cut reinforces the waterproof message while inviting people to pick up the product and play.